Anticipated Graduate Courses

Anticipated Graduate Course Schedule

Graduate Courses

The anticipated schedule for Graduate physics courses.

Please note that some classes are on a two-year rotation and some electives are added depending on instructor availability.
Please contact our Graduate Advisor Prof. Robert Camley ( for the anticipated schedule.

Please note that classes are offered every other year. You must plan accordingly to make sure that you take classes when they are available. The tables below show when we anticipate offering courses.

The core courses should follow the schedule below unless there are exceptional circumstances. Electives are often determined only one or two semesters in advance, depending on faculty availability and student demand. However, we will try to keep close to the schedule below. This is meant as a general guide only.

Academic Year 2022-23, 2024-25, 2026-27 etc.


Fall (even year)

Spring (odd year)


5030 Mathematical Physics



6250 Intro to Quantum Mechanics

6260 Quantum Mechanics II


5460 Intro to Solid State Physics 1

5470 Solid State Physics 2


5490 Physics of Thin Films

5300 Biophysics I


5220 Nonlinear Physics

5510 Modern Optics


5150 Solid State Lab

Academic Year 2023-24, 2025-26, 2027-28 etc.


Fall (odd year)

Spring (even year)


6210 Theoretical Mechanics

5410 Statistical Mechanics


6310 Electromagnetic Theory I

6320 Electromagnetic Theory II


5200 Computational Physics

5240 Modern Magnetism


5950 Special topics: Nanotechnology

5950 Special topics: Biophysics II

Elective: 6950 Special topics: Quantum Computing  

Other courses that are not on the 2 year schedule but will be included as appropriate:
- 6900 Theory of the solid state 1
- 6910 Theory of the solid state 2
- 5950 & 6950 Special topics (Particle Physics, Group Theory, etc - as available)


Additional Courses

The following elective courses are occasionally offered:

  • 4720 Stellar Structures and Evolution
  • 4600 Special and General Relativity
  • 3950 Special Topics (History of Physics, Nonlinear Physics, etc)
  • 3700 Acoustics

Excellent graduates are encouraged to consider our undergraduate courses as electives.


* Last updated: 20 December 2019