Research & Initiatives

Research & Initiatives

Research Interests

Our Department carries out work and research at the forefront of both Theoretical and Experimental Physics in the following areas:

  • Solid State and Quantum Physics
  • Fundamental Magnetism, Spintronics, and Magnetic Devices
  • Nanotechnology and plasmonics
  • Liquid Crystals and applications
  • Bio-Physics
  • Nonlinear physics and chaos

The Department’s research is spearheaded by four unique research centers and state-of-the-art facilities, see below.

Our experimental equipment includes ultrahigh vacuum systems for the deposition and characterization of thin films, a Scanning Electron Microscope with e-Beam lithography, an X-ray diffraction system, 3D printing facilities, electromagnetic characterization tools covering microwave, infrared, and visible wavelength ranges, Ultrafast MOKE and Brillouin Light Scattering spectroscopy setups, confocal and superresolution microscopes, cell culturing, and fluorescence spectrometer.

Theoretical work is supported by local CPU and GPU computing nodes. Researchers have access to the NSF-funded UCCS high-performance computing cluster INCLINE.

Research Centers

Research Facilities


Faculty Research

Robert Camley

Theoretical Solid State Physics Magnetic and electronic properties of artificially layered structures (superlattices), surface excitations, optical and magneto-optical signal processing.


Dr. Celinski

Experimental Solid State Physics Growth and characterization of ultra-thin metallic films and multilayers, magnetic materials, Brillouin light scattering, ferromagnetic resonance, exchange coupling in magnetic thin films.


Anatoliy Glushchenko

Experimental Physics Applied optics, bio-physics & bio-photonics, renewable energy, materials science of soft condensed matter, nanofilms & nanoparticles.


Marek Grabowski

Theoretical Solid State Physics Chaos, nonlinear physics, solitons, one and two dimensional systems, polymers.


Dr. Pinchuck

Experimental Physics Metamaterials, nano-optics, photonics and plasmonics, photovoltaics, optical biochemical nanosensors.


Dr. Bozhko

Experimental Solid State Physics Magnetic materials, Brillouin light scattering, magnon Bose-Einstein condensation, magnon-phonon interactions.


Dr. Iacocca

Theoretical Solid State Physics Magnetic materials...