Our Department


We are devoted to excellence in both teaching and research. We want our students to succeed and build a fruitful career.

The department offers undergraduate, MSc, and PhD careers in physics and energy science.

We involve undergraduate, masters, PhD, and high school students in our research. Students will have access to state-of-the-art research labs with over $5 million worth of equipment in our facilities.

Our enthusiastic faculty has been recognized via multiple campus-wide awards:

  • Two CU Distinguished Professors, the highest honor possible for a University of Colorado professor.
  • Four Research Awardees (LAS Outstanding Research Award and UCCS Faculty Award for Excellence in Research).
  • Six Teaching Awardees (LAS Outstanding Teaching Award, UCCS Outstanding Teacher Award)
  • Four CU Inventor of the Year.

Physics seminars



The faculty and staff in the Department conduct research on biophysics, magnetism, polymers and liquid crystals, and nanophotonics, nanoplasmonics, and metamaterials. We count with four topical centers that explore some of these subjects in depth.


Physicists investigate the laws of nature and play a fundamental role in the discovery of new phenomena ranging from subatomic particles and the manipulation of electrons to electronic devices and astronomical phenomena.

Become a physics student

We believe UCCS is the perfect fit for you based on our award-winning academics, our high teaching standards, and our supportive faculty and staff. You will obtain a degree that will empower your professional career. Our awe-inspiring campus, diverse student population, and the natural beauty of Colorado Springs provide the perfect environment to develop the curiosity and ingenuity that characterize our graduates