Department of Physics and Energy Science

Welcome to our Department!

We are an enthusiastic department devoted to excellence in both teaching and research. Here are some examples:

  • Many of our faculty have won college and/or campus-wide Teaching Awards
  • Two faculty members have been named as CU Distinguished Professors, the highest honor possible for a University of Colorado professor
  • Four members of the department have won college and/or campus-wide Research Awards
  • Four members of the department have been named "CU Inventor of the Year"
  • We involve undergraduate, Masters, PhD and high school students in our research
  • The department has over $5 million of research equipment and state-of-the-art research labs

McAllister and Kudinoor - Goldwater Scholars
Goldwater Scholars at UCCS Physics
Physics is happy to announce that two students connected to our department have recently won the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship Award. The first is Kaitlin McAllister who is an undergraduate Physics major working with Prof. Bozhko on the physics of spin waves. Kaitlin designed and created a near-field scanning microwave microscope, one of only a few in the country. She is an avid researcher, with interests in both biophysics, magnetism, and space physics. UCCS Physics also had a strong connection to another Goldwater Scholarship winner this year. Arjun Kudinoor, who is now at Columbia University, took both undergraduate and graduate physics classes here at UCCS while a high school student! He also did some research, on magnetic materials with an exchange gradient, with Prof. Camley and, as a result, is a coauthor on a published paper with several UCCS physics faculty members and an international collaborator. These are the first Goldwater Scholarship awards associated with UCCS in the past 10 years! The awards can be up to $7,500/year for up to two years. | MORE

Stop War in Ukraine! Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй!
UCCS Physics stands with Ukraine
We are shocked and saddened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our partnership with Ukrainian Science, with scientists in and from Ukraine, in particular in the field of Condensed Matter Physics, is very strong. Our thoughts are in Ukraine and with our colleagues and with all of the families who are impacted by this war.

Gassen Peroor and Savchuk
Three students were awarded the James Burkhart Physics Scholarship this spring
The scholarship is named for a UCCS Physics Professor and Chair, James Burkhart, who generated the funding for the award through his Radon work and is now serving as an Emeritus Professor. The award supports students working toward a PhD in Applied Science with a specialization in Physics. The three students are: River Gassen (supervisor Dr. Kathrin Spendier), who works on expanding the applications of magnetic particles as drug delivery systems, to cut through mucus and also studying their behaviors as influenced by an oscillating magnetic field; Renju Peroor (supervisor Dr. Dmytro Bozhko), who works on generation of magnons using parametric pumping and studies the propagation of magnons in YIG films for quantum magnonic applications; Viktoriia Savchuk (supervisor Dr. Kelly McNear), who works in the field of plasmonics as well as studies the optical properties of the metal nanoparticles and hybrid plasmonic nanostructures. Congratulations!

Dr. Fal was awarded the 2020 UCCS Campus-Wide Instructor of the Year Award
Congratulations go out to Dr. Tim Fal. Dr. Fal, a Senior Instructor in Physics, was awarded the 2020 UCCS Campus-Wide Instructor of the Year Award. Tim is starting his 6th year of teaching physics at UCCS and has high standards and great rapport with students. One student comment summed up his teaching like this - "Dr. Fal’s class smacked me in the face – hard. His class was, and is, the single most challenging, dreaded, taxing, and above all inspiring class I have ever taken. Each lecture was a thought-provoking discussion that made me ask myself why I was not pursuing a physics degree." | MORE

Livesey publishes research on magnetic domain walls
An all-female team of Colorado physicists, including former associate professor of physics Karen Livesey and UCCS alumna Alex Stuart ’19, recently published scientific research on the properties of magnetic domain walls.| MORE

FRAMS2020 winners
UCCS Physics students win poster prizes
Congratulations to Casey Chalifour, Jonathon Davidson, and Brianne McGrath. Competing with students from CU Boulder, Colorado State University, Wyoming University, and Colorado School of Mines, our UCCS students each won a "Best Poster" presentation award (and $100) in the recent Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium meeting in August 2020. Despite the stiff competition from the other, larger, universities, UCCS Physics students captured 50% of all the student prizes. | MORE

BEC by rapid cooling
Bozhko publishes groundbreaking results
Assistant Prof. Dmytro Bozhko publishes an article on Bose-Einstein condensation triggered by rapid cooling, which could lead to advancement of quantum nanotechnology. The research is published in Nature Nanotechnology | MORE

McGrath wins 3MT
McGrath wins 3 Minute Thesis Award
Physics PhD candidate Brianne McGrath took out the first place award at the UCCS 3MT competition in January 2020. | MORE

Nobles wins Lustig Award
Nobles wins Lustig Award
Physics PhD candidate Jason Nobles wins the 2019 Harry Lustig Award from American Physical Society. | MORE

Tolya Glushchenko and Jessi Smith
Glushchenko wins the 2019 UCCS Research Award
Prof. Glushchenko was presented with the Faculty Award for Excellence in Research. | MORE

Dmytro Bozhko thumbnail
Bozhko arrives August 2019
Condensed matter experimentalist Dmytro Bozhko will join UCCS Physics as an Assistant Professor in August 2019. | MORE
Copus thumbnail
Copus wins campus 3MT competition
Physics PhD candidate Matthew Copus wins the 2019 UCCS Mt Lion Grad Slam and goes on to regional 3 Minute Thesis competitions. | MORE
Kathrin Spendier thumbnail
Spendier wins NIH R15 Award
Assist. Prof. Spendier together with Dr Guy Hagen in Biofrontiers win National Institute of Health award, starting in July 2018. | MORE
FRAMS logo thumbnail
UCCS Physics hosts the 4th FRAMS
In August 2018, UCCS hosted the 4th annual edition of the Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium with 62 attendees. | MORE
UCCS view
Graduate programs ranked 124th in nation in 2018
US News and World Reports ranks UCCS Physics for the first time. | MORE

Tolya Pinchuk and Kelli Klebe
Pinchuk wins the 2018 UCCS Research Award
Prof. Pinchuk was presented with the Faculty Award for Excellence in Research. | MORE

Patrick Yarbrough
Yarbrough wins 3 Minute Thesis People's Choice Award
Physics PhD candidate Patrick Yarbrough took out an award at the inaugural UCCS 3MT competition in May 2018. | MORE
Karen Livesey
Livesey named Emmy Noether Visiting Fellow 2018-19
Assist. Prof. Karen Livesey will travel to the Perimeter Institute in Canada. | MORE
Eclipse image
Eclipse fever merges with first day of classes
Ramon Tirado, senior instructor, used a 10-inch diameter telescope to provide a close-up view on the first day of the Fall 2017 semester. | MORE
Celeski thumb
Regents name Celinski distinguished professor
Prof. Celinski's promotion was announced at a November 2016 meeting of the CU Board of Regents. | MORE


2016 Research Celebration - Bob and Zbignies
Camley and Celinski join $10 million Club
Physics professors were among those lauded at the 2016 Celebration of Sponsored Programs. | MORE

ChristensenFor Christensen, leadership is a lifestyle
UCCS physics professor recognized with 2015 Excellence in Leadership Award. | MORE


Livesey Undergraduate Miriam DeJong wins Best Student Poster prizes
at the Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium (Sep 2015) and the APS 4 Corners Meeting (Oct 2015) for her theoretical work on magnetic domain walls in nanowires.