Scientific Seminars


Physics Seminar

Fall 2022

Meeting time (if not specified explicitly): Fridays, 11am, Osborne 204A

Date Speaker Title and abstract Sponsor
08/26 Prof. Benjamin Jungfleisch
University of Delaware
Controlling THz spin dynamics in magnetic heterostructures Physics
09/02 David Bondurant
Vertical Memory
Non-Volatile RAM For the Internet of Things (IOT) Physics
09/09 Dr. Joshua Knobloch
Acoustic waves and thermal transport at the nanoscale probed by short-wavelength light Physics
09/16 Prof. Emily Gibson
UC Anschutz
A Window into the Brain BioFrontiers
09/30 Prof. Benedetta Flebus
Boston College
Unveiling new phenomena in dissipative magnetic systems Physics
10/04 (Tuesday) 12:30 pm Osborne A204 Prof. Jingsheng Chen
National University of Singapore
Symmetry breaking by materials engineering for spin-orbit-torque technology Physics
10/14 Prof. Nickolas Solomey
Wichita State University
A CubeSat flight test of a neutrino detector capable of operating in space BioFrontiers
10/21 Prof. Michael Flatté
University of Iowa
Coherent magnonics for quantum information science Physics
11/11 Prof. Daniel Dessau
UC Boulder
Resistance is futile: Novel superconductivity, Correlated Electrons, and New Quantum Devices Physics
12/2 Dr. Michele Martin
Applications of low field NMR: Relaxation measurements and resin curing BioFrontiers
12/9 Prof. Pavel Salev
University of Denver
Voltage-controlled magnetism enabled by resistive switching Physics

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Student presentations and dissertations

Date Time Place Type of event Speaker Title
Tuesday, November 8 12:15 pm OCSE A204 M.Sc. paper presentation Christian Peterson Rotational rigid body dynamics, Jacobi elliptic functions, and a detumbling satellite
Friday, November 11 3:00 pm OCSE A204 & Zoom Ph.D. dissertation defense Viktoriia Savchuk Hybrid plasmonic nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Friday, November 18 3:30 pm OCSE A204 Ph.D. dissertation defense Paul Couture Ferromagnetic resonance characterization of composite EMI shielding materials

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