Energy Science Minor

Energy Science

Undergraduate Minor

Course Delivery

On Campus

Total Credits

18 Credits

About the Program

The energy science minor is designed to help prepare students for careers in energy fields. For students majoring in Physics, there is an energy science option. Please see Physics, BS for information.

Focus of Study

The focus of the minor is for students to learn more about energy science and the sustainable options learned from the science

Degree Requirements

General Requirements

  • 18 credit hours of ENSC/PES coursework, 9 of which must be upper-division (3000+ level).
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

Program Coursework

Students may earn a minor in physics by taking the following courses.

Course Level






Introduction to Energy Science I


Introduction to Energy Science II

3 Credits
ENSC 1600 Introduction to Solar Energy 3 Credits
ENSC 1620 Solar Energy Lab 1 Credits
ENSEC 2500 Sustainable Energy Fundamentals 3 Credits
Energy Science

Complete 9 hours of upper-division (3000+ level) Energy Science electives from the following:

ENSC: 3200, 3610, 3650, 3670, 4060, 4090
GES: 3030, 3250, 4800
PES: 3130, 3170, 3180, 3410, 3650

9 Credits