B.S. in Physics


B.S. in Physics

We offer four options

  1. Traditional Physics Option: This option is designed for students intending graduate studies in physics or planning to obtain an industrial position with a traditional physics degree.
  2. Solid State Physics Option: This option is designed for students presently employed by or intending employment in the semiconductor industry. It will provide theoretical foundations and practical experience in solid state physics.
  3. Energy Science Option: This option will prepare graduates for energy-related careers in industry and government and will provide the student with a strong background in the technical, economic, and instrumentation aspects of all energy resources. Please check with the Department about the availability of classes to complete this option.
  4. Secondary Education Option: This option allows students to get a B.S. in Physics and secondary science teacher certification in collaboration with the UCCSTeach program.

To obtain a degree, the students must complete the core courses and the required courses for each option.

We also offer a Minor in Physics.

General requirements
Core courses
Required courses: traditional physics
Required courses: solid state physics
Required courses: energy science
Secondary education

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