M.Sc. in Physics


M.Sc. in Physics

We offer two options

  1. Thesis and Non-Thesis: For the thesis option, the student must take 24 credit hours. Thesis work is an additional six hours (three credits per semester) for a total of 30 credit hours. The non-thesis option requires 30 credit hours from the approved courses. For the thesis option, students are strongly encouraged to identify a Physics faculty adviser for their research when they start in the program, whose research interests match those of the student. They are also encouraged to start work on the thesis immediately.
  2. Concentration areas: In order to design a more specialized degree, students may concentrate a couple of their courses in areas outside of physics. Concentration areas could include space studies, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, geography, computer science, applied mathematics or other graduate disciplines. These concentration areas might be appropriate for students who have very well-defined career objectives which require a combination of physics with another discipline. Students should consult with the Physics graduate program advisor to establish a course sequence for the MSc degree. Most courses should be taken from Physics.

UCCS Physics Masters handbook

More information, including guidelines for thesis, thesis defense, 15 page paper, and comprehensive exam can be found in the handbook here. Please read the handbook for all the policies relating to the Masters degree.

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