Scientific Seminar Schedule

Seminar Schedule

2022 Seminar Schedule

Meeting time (if not specified explicitly): Fridays, 11am, Osborne 204A

Date Speaker Talk title/Abstract/Registration info
01/28 Dr. Francesco Caravelli
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Memristive networks
Abstract and Bio: 2022-01-28-Caravelli-Abstract&Bio.pdf
02/11 Dr. Emma Cating-Subramanian
UC Boulder/JILA
Multimodel spectral microscopy and its applications to strongly correlated systems
Abstract and Bio: 2022_02_11_Emma_CatingSubramanian_BioAbstract.pdf
02/18 Dr. Al Davis
British Antarctic Survey
Antarctica: Science on Ice
Abstract and Bio: 2022_02_18_Al_Davis_BioAbstract_0.pdf
02/25 Prof. Brandon Runnels
Simulating solid rocket motor composite propellants at the mesoscale
Abstract and Bio: 2022_02_25_Brandon_Runnels_BioAbstract.pdf
03/04 Prof. David Malaspina
CU Boulder
Into the Wind: Exploring Solar Wind Physics with Parker Solar Probe
Abstract and Bio: 2022_03_04_David_Malaspina_BioAbstract.pdf
04/01 Prof. Natalie J. Serkova
CU Anschutz
Combining Machine Learning and High-Resolution 9.4 Tesla MRI in Pediatric Brain Tumor Models
Abstract and Bio: 2022_04_01_Natalie_Serkova_BioAbstract_0.pdf
04/15 Prof. Roopali Kukreja
UC Davis
Understanding nanoscale correlations in complex oxide heterostructures
Abstract and Bio: 2022_04_08_Roopali_Kukreja_BioAbstract.pdf
05/06 Dr. Stephen Russek
NIST Boulder
Table Top microMRI for Cell Imaging
Abstract and Bio: 2022_03_25_Stephen_Russek_BioAbstract.pdf


2022 Student Events Schedule

Date Time Place Type of event Speaker Title of the talk
April 8
1:15 pm OCSE A204
Ph.D. Dissertation Defense Mark Watson Turbulence in Two-Dimensional Relativistic Hydrodynamic Systems with a Lattice Boltzmann Model
Thursday, April 14th 4 pm OCSE A204
Ph.D. Dissertation Defense

Casey (Artek) Chalifour

Improvements on magnetic nanoparticle characterization theories

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